Monday, May 21, 2018

Starbucks Is Cra-Cra

Is that how you spell it? Or is it cray-cray?

So some Starbucks employee somewhere called the cops on non-paying loiterers in their store. The cops then led the loiterers out in handcuffs. This resulted in a stand-down of thousands of Starbucks, retraining sessions for the employees, a corporate apology and a change in policy so that anyone will be allowed to use Starbucks' restrooms.

Imagine what that will look like in San Francisco or even here in downtown San Diego.

This guy and his compadres may soon be part of the downtown Starbucks experience. Yay!
This was done because Starbucks was afraid that their workforce might be full of racists and other People of Intolerance (PoI). There's no word on whether or not Starbucks officials are also afraid of voodoo hexes, warlocks or the possibility that some employees have been ensorceled and now have toads in their stomachs.

Effectively, a large, successful corporate just shot itself in the foot because it, as one of my favorite analogies for crazy, religious fanaticism goes, saw the face of Mary in a tree stump. They found a single event with multiple explanations that they, in their desperation to validate their faith in the religion of racialism, interpreted conclusively as proving their employees were loaded to the gills with implicit bias.

If it can happen at Starbucks, if they can convince themselves to risk making a mess of their brand for fear of hobgoblins, it can happen almost anywhere.

Addendum: Starbucks doesn't sell coffee, it sells a coffee experience. If they turn their stores into public libraries where homeless people haunt the place, stink it up and make the bathrooms a mess, they have wrecked their entire reason for existence, all for the sake of their faith. Now that's what I call religious devotion!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Gender Confusion And Declining Birth Rates

Yes, I'm a curmudgeonly, hopelessly out-of-date fuddy-duddy. Perhaps in the top 1% of the fuddiest of fuddy duddies. That's probably why I see a correlation between a recruiting ad the USMC is running and declining birth rates in the US.

If you didn't know, the birth rate in the US declined last year to just about the lowest ever. If you further didn't know, births happen because a man and woman love each other very much and have a "dance" and then the woman gets big and the stork brings a baby and then the woman gets smaller. At least that's what I told my kids between shots of bourbon, sitting on my front porch.

We don't seem to have pondered what might happen if we spend 30 years telling young 'uns that there are 37 genders, all family structures are equal, women should pursue a career above all else, marriage is slavery to the patriarchy and men are toxic. If you think that's an exaggeration, watch this ad where young ladies are encouraged to play rugby and then join the Marine Corps infantry. The Marine Corps infantry.

Never mind the fact that we have established that infantry units with women have higher casualty rates. Meaning there are mothers, wives and kids who have gotten "We regret to inform you..." letters because we want women in the infantry for some reason. But I digress.

The Marines are the peak of manhood. There is nothing above that. The Marine infantry is the peak of the peak. We are now so totally confused about where babies come from that we think it's a good idea to run multi-million dollar advertising campaigns to encourage women to aspire to being the manliest of men.

Meanwhile, the NCAA has punished states that think women's restrooms should be used only by women, but I digress again. And I could digress again a thousand times over, but I want to get to my chores today, so I won't.

Anyway, there were dozens of thumb-sucking head-scratchers published this week offering up reasons why women aren't having babies. They all miss the basic reason.

We told girls not to.

And for good reason! Here we see a platoon of Marine Corps infantry wandering around, lost in the jungle, because they wouldn't ask for directions. If there had been lots of women Marines on Guadalcanal, the battle would have been won in no time at all.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Someone On Team Clinton / Obama Needs To Go To Jail

... and be joined there by folks from the FBI.

Today's essay from former Federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy is a must-read. Here are two tidbits.
If you or I had set up an unauthorized private communications system for official business for the patent purpose of defeating federal record-keeping and disclosure laws; if we had retained and transmitted thousands of classified emails on this non-secure system; if we had destroyed tens of thousands of government records; if we had carried out that destruction while those records were under subpoena; if we had lied to the FBI in our interview — well, we’d be writing this column from the federal penitentiary in Leavenworth. Yet, in a feat of dizzying ratiocination, Director Comey explained that to prosecute Mrs. Clinton would be to hold her to a nitpicking, selective standard of justice not imposed on other Americans...

It has now been confirmed that the Trump campaign was subjected to spying tactics under counterintelligence law — FISA surveillance, national-security letters, and covert intelligence operatives who work with the CIA and allied intelligence services. It made no difference, apparently, that there was an ongoing election campaign, which the FBI is supposed to avoid affecting; nor did it matter that the spy targets were American citizens, as to whom there is supposed to be evidence of purposeful, clandestine, criminal activity on behalf of a foreign power before counterintelligence powers are invoked.
I've been watching this in a mixture of disbelief and horror. It was absolutely clear to me way back when that Hillary and practically every member of her staff were criminals, doing things that would have sent me to jail. It's also clear now that the same FBI hierarchy that let her off the hook was spying on the Trump campaign.

Where does this end? If this isn't punished and severely at that, in two years Trump's reelection campaign team would be chumps not to return the favor and spy or even worse on the Democrats' candidate and staff.

When this whole Russia collusion idiocy started, I never suspected we'd get to this point where we discovered that the Obama Administration had been spying on the Trump campaign. Right about now, I'll bet they're kicking themselves that they didn't plant evidence and frame high-level Trump advisors for crimes during the campaign.

Not to worry. If we don't prosecute this behavior, someone will be doing that in the near future.

Friday, May 18, 2018

How Do You Come Back From Defending MS-13?

I'm not interested in the political sides or the positioning on this one, just the credibility and reputation of the media.

Discussing crime and illegal immigration with law enforcement officials from California, President Trump called MS-13 gang members animals. If you listen to the conversation, it's clearly what he said. It's not even remotely up for disagreement. The news media ran with, "President Trump called some immigrants animals." The implication is that Trump and, by extension, his supporters are racists. Meanwhile, normal, civilized human beings see the MS-13 gang as, well, animals.

If you run a news organization, you're a middleman. You sell viewers to advertisers and you sell information to viewers. The more you damage viewers' trust in you, the fewer you'll have to sell to advertisers. Just what on Earth would motivate you to kick yourself in the groin like this? And once lost, how do you recover that trust? Do you care?

The only thing I can think is that the news media have become full-blown members of the cult of racism. They must have thought the story was real, that President Trump was really calling immigrants animals. They've got to be seeing everything through the lens of the racism cult. There's simply no other reason why you'd spew outright, easily debunked lies like this.

Below is Tucker Carlson interviewing a journalist who is so far into the cult that he can't see his way out. Meanwhile, normal people are confronted by a media who can't abide calling MS-13 gangsters animals. How you regain trust after that is beyond me.

Update: CNN tries to back out of the problem and save a bit of it's shredded reputation. Like most retractions, only a fraction of the people who saw the original will see the apology and clarification. Still, why was this ever necessary? It wasn't like CNN and the rest didn't know exactly what they were doing in the first place. This has all the hallmarks of an internal squabble within CNN between the cultists and the few, remaining employees who cling to sanity.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Morning After Sanity

Have you ever woken up with a hangover and vowed to never drink again? Have you ever been so in love that you do stupid things?

Don't you feel that life sometimes bounces between sanity and madness?

I wonder if this is a manifestation of the endless battle between our lizard brains and our intellect.
We all have limbic systems that drive our animal appetites. Sex n' drugs n' rock and roll are desirable because the primitive lizard brains that sit inside of our glorious human brains says they are. Your limbic system is what drives you to do both the things necessary for survival and the things you really oughtn't like lust and gluttony. For Christians, we face a constant fight with our limbic systems as we strive to be what the Bible tells us to be. When we fail, we're hypocrites. We preach one thing and do another.
But what is that morning after feeling? It's when the intellect takes the lizard out behind the barn and gives it a whuppin. Why did it win?

I don't know about you, but my lizard is weakest in the morning. A cup of coffee and my intellect is ready to kick some lizard butt. Coming home from work in the evening with a fridge full of craft IPAs waiting for me, that time is a different story.

Or is it that the intellect takes effort and gets weary while the lizard is always there with the same level of energy? Hmm.

He never goes away, never gets weaker, never sleeps.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Curse Those Plutocrats!

I recently started following WW2 Tweets from 1940 on Twitter. The author is live-tweeting the war from that year. Here is the latest.

I've been a student of WW II and the Nazis since high school (what wargamer isn't?), but a few things have popped out at me recently. Reading Mein Kampf and then Man's Search for Meaning, I finally figured out that the Jews were the personification of the 1% or Wall Street to Hitler and the Nazis. Hitler was a committed socialist and, like Occupy Wall Street, was motivated by his hatred of people he saw as getting rich off the labor of others.

The 1940 tweets have been fascinating, so I spent a little time finding archives of newspapers from that time. I don't have the links with me, but I believe the Sydney Morning Herald and one American paper have free online copies of their issues from 1940. It's interesting to read the French and British press releases, trying to put a good face on the German breakout at Sedan that doomed France, but more intriguing to me now are the German press releases. A lot of them talk about the British and French plutocrats.

Nazi propaganda loved to portray Allied leadership as in the control of Jews, bankers, Wall Street and other finance capitalists. Der Volk of those countries were being exploited by the 1%, dying so that the idle rich could reap war profits.

Hmm. Where have we heard that before?

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Recursive Mirrors

I used to have a shaving mirror affixed to the wall in my shower. The adhesive failed and it fell, so we needed to buy a new one. No worries, they have them on Amazon!

We bought one and tried to attach it to the tile in the shower. It turns out that if there is even the slightest texturing on the surface to which you want to attach it, the suction cup won't hold. That means that the only thing in the whole bathroom that the shaving mirror will attach to is ... the main mirror.